Prof. Roland Robertson

Roland Robertson

Professor of Sociology
Director of the Centre for the Study of Globalization
University of Aberdeen (Gran Bretagna)

Personal page :

Roland Robertson was appointed to chair at the University of Aberdeen in 1999. He taught at the Universities of Leeds, Essex and Pittsburgh, USA before being appointed, as Head of the Department of Sociology, to a chair at the University of York in 1970. He returned to Pittsburgh in 1973, subsequently achieving the rank of Distinguished Service Professor.

He is also President of the Global Studies Association, a past President of the Association for the Study of Religion, and an elected member of the American Society for the Study of Religion.

He has been visiting professor in Sweden, Japan, Hong Kong, the Czech Republic and Brazil. He has served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Mathematical Sociology, the Review of Religious Research, Sociological Analysis (recently renamed The Sociology of Religion), Theory, Culture and Society, the Journal of International Communication, and Citizenship Studies.

Prof. Robertson is one of the world's pioneers in the study of globalization whose approach is multidimensional, complex, well-grounded in sociological theory, and centred on culture. His perspective, presented in his book Globalization. Social Theory and Global Culture considers the world as a whole, going beyond conventional distinctions between global and local, and between the universal and the particular, so introducing the new idea of glocalization.

In addition to globalization he has published extensively in the sociology of religion and culture, as well as social theory. His work has been translated into German, Spanish, Danish, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Polish and Portuguese. He has been the recipient of a number of awards and honours for his writing on religion.

His current research projects concern the Theory of Globalization, Nationalism (National Identity and the Future of the Nation-State) and Religion and Globalization (this programme is concerned, among other issues, with ecumenicism, the idea of a global ethic, the fate of traditional religions, and anti-global movements).

At AILUN Prof. Robertson gives the students a wide and deep presentation of the main studies on globalization and on his research on the issues raised by the this current and important sociological phenomenon.

Some publications

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Some publications

Walter A. Rutes, Richard H. Penner and Lawrence Adams (2001), Hotel Design, Planning, and Development, W.W. Norton & Company

Richard H. Penner  (1991), Conference Center Planning and Design, Whitney Library of Design

W. A. Rutes and Richard H. Penner  (1985) Hotel Planning and Design , Whitney Library of Design (translated in Italian)

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