Prof. Bihu Wu

Bihu Wu

Professor and Director of the Center for Recreation and Tourism Research
Peking University (China)

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Bihu Wu (Tiger Wood) is one of the most known and active scholar in the field of tourism development and planning in China.
He is Professor at Peking University that he joined since 1997 and where he is conducting specialized researches in the area of tourism development, planning and management and where he teaches Tourism Planning, Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Planning, Tourism Development and Management, Tourism and Recreation Geography, Tourism Economics, Human Geography.
He is the founding member and the Director of the Research Center for Tourism Development and Planning (ReCToP) at Peking University. He was also the founding member of the Department of Tourism Management at East China Normal University in Shanghai, where he studied and worked for 17 years. He was Visiting Professor at Purdue University (USA) in 2000.

His main research interests cover areas such as recreation and tourism geography, regional tourism planning, destination marketing, cultural impact of tourism development and cultural landscape of tourist resorts.
His wide studies brought him to develop several tourism research models among which the so-called Wu's Curve of Spatial Tourist Distribution, and ReBAM (Recreational Belt Around Metropolis) model, which are the two most popular ones in his country.

Dr. Wu acts also as consultant in regional tourism planning and research, domestic tourist market studies, resort and historical site planning and design and management. Most recently he has conducted training programs and provided tourism planning and development advice in many provinces and municipalities in China. He is tourism planning consultant to WTO (World Tourism Organization). He has been selected to be the director-in-chief of the research team of Master Plan for Tourism Development and Management of Beijing Municipality, the capital city of China.

Professor Wu is the author of five books on tourism and hospitality studies and he wrote many articles related to tourism in academic and trade journals and newspapers.

He was given The Best University Textbook Award from The National Commission of Higher Education of China. He was also a recipient of The Natural Science Award from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

At AILUN Dr. Wu teaches Tourism Planning with special emphasis on the problems related to the implementation of the "Regional Tourism System" as a tool to start tourism development in geographical areas deciding to found their economic growth on tourism industry.

Some publications

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